Milt has Success with Autistic Children!

autismIn 2008, we discovered another benefit from Milt The Talking Musky. One of our summer employees here at We Wan Chu Cottages was tutoring a group of young children outside of work. She showed Milt The Talking Musky to these children, including two twin six year old Autistic boys. One of the boys attempted speech for the first time ever, after watching Milt The Talking Musky.

Milt The Talking Musky is listed at under Video Tools & DVDs.

I believe Milt helps Autistic children as well as pre-school – 2nd Graders due to the underwater mesmerizing scenery along with the words on the screen when sung or spoken during the song or alphabet.

Special thanks to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Chautauqua Lake Fish Hatchery for allowing Milt to entertain the Muskies within this video.

No Muskies were harmed or injured while being videoed with Milt. They could only help but learn.

Best Fishes,