babymiltA long time ago, when I was very small, I was in a school with other small Muskies. I wanted to learn more than what my teacher could teach us.

As I would swim around the lake, I could hear singing. There were church choirs and boys and girls singing and bands playing along the shores.

I wanted to sing but, it was hard to do. I could not talk. One day as I listened to some children singing near the shores, the wind blew one of their papers on which the words were printed into the lake. I studied these words on the paper. The words looked like strange marks to me. I kept going over all these words and then I began to put the words together with the singing I was hearing from the boys and girls near the lake.

I then heard some children and their mother and father reading and praying on the dock one day. They left their book there and it fell into the water. I remembered the words they were reading so I began to figure out what they were. I was so happy that I began to learn to read. I then began to talk and sing along with the choirs and the boys and girls.

My friends would watch and listen and we all had happy fins. Nothing can stop you from doing great things if you really work at it. I wanted to learn to read, talk and sing and if you come along, you can learn with me too.


In 2008, we discovered another benefit from Milt The Talking Musky. One of our summer employees here at We Wan Chu Cottages was tutoring a group of young children outside of work. She showed Milt The Talking Musky to these children, including two twin six year old Autistic boys. One of the boys attempted speech for the first time ever, after watching Milt The Talking Musky.

Milt The Talking Musky is listed at under Video Tools & DVDs.

I believe Milt helps Autistic children as well as pre-school – 2nd Graders due to the underwater mesmerizing scenery along with the words on the screen when sung or spoken during the song or alphabet.

Special thanks to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Chautauqua Lake Fish Hatchery for allowing Milt to entertain the Muskies within this video.

No Muskies were harmed or injured while being videoed with Milt. They could only help but learn.

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