Press Release

PRESS RELEASE – November 30th, 2016

Milt The Talking Musky & The iKidsFishing© released on iTunes & Amazon

Milt The Talking Musky is listed on Autism Speaks web site under Video Tools & DVDs.

Chautauqua, New York

Milt The Talking Musky is a preschool through second grade Sight Word learning tool utilizing video and music in teaching 86 Sight Words in a sing along and read along format. Setting lessons to music in combination with video is proven to increase learning retention in young children. Milt has had success with beginning readers including an Autistic six-year-old boy. Following a time in which the boy was engaged watching Milt, he attempted speech for the first time. Milt the Talking Musky is listed on Autism Speaks web site under Video Tools & DVDs. The authors, Peter and Kathy Wiemer, believe it had to do with the mesmerizing underwater aquarium setting and Milt’s song, which sparked something within the boy.

Milt The Talking Musky was created by Peter in 2005 when his six year old daughter, Jenna, was having difficulty learning sight words at school. Roger Hooven, a musician from the Buffalo area and patron at We Wan Chu Cottages lent his artistic expertise to the project by co-writing the script and singing the Milt The Talking Musky song. Roger Westley from Clymer, NY, contributed original drawings and co-wrote the content for the 40-page coloring book, which is a pdf file available for a free download on the web site to be printed from one’s own printer. Within the coloring book’s pages are 228 Sight Words woven through the storyline so children can color and read and color and learn 228 sight words while coloring. Using Milt engages several of the senses in teaching these Sight Words: visually seeing the words on the screen and printed in the coloring book, auditory hearing of the sight words spoken and sung, and touch through coloring while reading, coloring and learning.

Milt The Talking Musky earned a place on The Top 101 Educational Websites Guide released October 11th, 2011 by Pat Wyman, CEO of, best-selling author, Learning vs. Testing, Strategies That Bridge The Gap, Best selling co-author, Book of the Year in Medicine, The Official Autism 101 Manual and University Instructor, California State University, East Bay. has been online since 1996 and is a trusted educational resource with a subscriber list of more then 250,000 parents, teachers, homeschoolers, employers and employees to whom the Top 101 Best Educational Websites are revealed to along with the Media.

Milt the Talking Musky can be purchased soon on a DVD for $ 15 + $ 5 USPS First Class Mail or Blu Ray for $20 + $5 USPS First Class Mail (USA only) (+ $20 mail for Canada) and NOW available on iTunes & Amazon.

The iKidsFishing video is a Kids’ Fishing Show starring kids teaching kids and you how to catch fish. The kids explain in a kids’ way how easy, safe and inexpensive it is to take kids fishing.  Including children, there are well over 40 million Fishermen in United States of America today spending more than 48 Billion Dollars a year on retail sales on fishing.

iKidsFishing  came about when our family was watching fishing shows on TV. We realized there wasn’t a fishing show about Kids and how easy and affordable it is to take Kids fishing. We decided to make a Kids’ Fishing Show here in Western New York State on Lake Chautauqua where we live and have grown up. We were able to utilize our own family’s experience fishing and living on this lake for the past 50 years and 37 years of owning We Wan Chu Cottages, a cottage resort here on Chautauqua Lake.

iKidsFishing will be teaching you and your Kids Fishing using the “K.I.S.S.” it method, Keep It Safe & Simple and everyone will have a positive experience. From everyone wearing a life jacket to using basic fishing tackle & bait. The Kids will show you how to find public fishing lands or docks, points, parks, and harbors and using simple bait like worms, minnows, or artificial rubber looking minnows and worms. Jenna (10) will be leading her brother Justin (8) and sister Jessica (4) along with their friends on the iKidsFishing adventure. Jenna also takes eight of her family & friends all 12 years old or younger on a 25 foot Pontoon Fishing Trip without an adult onboard. In New York State a 10 year old that has passed an approved safe boater’s course, can operate a motor boat without an adult onboard.  Way too much Fishing Fun!  Watch with your kids and see the excitement and fun that The iKidsFishing can bring to your home and your family. Enjoy…  Available on DVD or Blu Ray for $ 15 or $ 20 + $ 5 USPS First Class Mail (USA only) and NOW available on iTunes & Amazon.

We feel that once you have purchased the fishing pole, $10 to $25; a Personal Flotation Device / P.F.D. / Life Jacket, $15 – $35; hooks, sinkers, line, small tackle box, hook extractor / needle nose pliers; $10 – $20; Live or Artificial Bait: Free to $5 to $10 per fishing trip or Less…

$100 or less and a Lifetime of Fishing to Enjoy with your Kids… Priceless…

“Lets Go Fishing and Smile along with our Kids”!

Peter Wiemer  We Wan Chu Cottages (W): 716-789-3383