The iKidsFishing Show©. came about when my family and I were watching TV fishing shows. We realized there wasn’t a Fishing Show about Kids and how easy and affordable it is to take Kids fishing.

We decided to make a Kids fishing show here in Western New York State on a glacier-made lake known as Lake Chautauqua. We were able to utilize our own family’s experience fishing and living on this lake for the past 50 years. Over these years we worked and added lands up along the way including We Wan Chu Cottages, a cottage & boat rental resort here on Chautauqua Lake. Our video experiences include “Milt the Talking Musky”©, a Preschool – 2nd Grade Sight Word Learning Tool

We feel that once you have purchased the fishing pole, $10 to $25 ; a Life Jacket, $15 – $35 ; hooks, sinkers, line, small tackle box, hook extractor / needle nose pliers; $20 – $30 ; Live or Artificial Bait: Free to $5 to $10 per fishing trip or Less… $100 or less and a Lifetime of Fishing to Enjoy with your Kids… Priceless… “Lets Go Fishing and Smile along with our Kids…”